Kevin Fitton 2016  
Tower City Council

Work Experience:

Vermilion Country School, MN – Admin/Advisor

Saint Paul Schools, MN – Teacher

Gallup-McKinley Schools, NM – Teacher

Conserve School, WI – Res Life Staff

District 88, IL – Tech Support Staff

District 205, IL - Substitute

2005 – BS; Northern Michigan Univ.
Secondary Social Studies Education

2012 – M.Ed; Univ. of TX – Arlington
Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

2018 (est) – Ed.S; Saint Mary’s Univ.
Educational Administration

Kevin purchased a house in Tower just over two years ago and currently works at the charter school in town.  He grew up just outside of Chicago and has lived in multiple communities large and small.  Part of that time was spent in northern WI where there are many small communities based around tourism.  Kevin’s experience in those towns could be of use to Tower in future development.  As a social studies teacher, Kevin has always had an interest in government and economics, areas of study that lend itself well towards being a well-informed citizen participating in local government.  In his current position Kevin has experience working within a board governance structure and manages a substantial budget while also working with state agencies for education.  All of these experiences are transferrable to being a city councilor.

How many voters are tired of politicians who only push their own agendas?

   I couldn’t agree more and that’s only one of the reasons I felt it was appropriate to run for city council.  As the administrator of the charter school in town, I often get to meet students, parents, and community members and I hear their stories.  I also work frequently with the city when it pertains to matters involving the school so I know the people who work there and hear their side as well.  Overall, I think there’s a consensus that Tower needs to streamline and modernize while still retaining that small town charm and history that so many identify with.  These are things that I believe a majority of residents would agree with and I don’t think it requires a pointed agenda to achieve.  As a neutral objective resident that has lived in other small towns that focused on tourism, I think I can provide a different voice on the city council that is reasonable, rational, and responsible.

My goals for being on the council would include:

·         Streamlining and modernizing city government – anything councilors can do to simplify government operations should be a priority.  That includes cleaning up ordinances, creating straightforward form processes, and reducing paperwork loads.  While not an exciting topic for most voters it is very important to consider so that undue time isn’t spent on work that doesn’t have any point or only exists for paperwork’s sake.  These kinds of reductions can free up time for more important matters.

·         A business friendly environment while balancing environmental concerns – a common topic I’ve heard discussed among community members.  How do we preserve our natural resource treasures up here while still providing a lively community where families would like to settle?  I believe there’s a reasonable balance that can be achieved while still being respectful of both sides.  One doesn’t necessarily have to preclude the other; it’s just a matter of looking at what is best for the town as a whole in the long term.

·         A vibrant community where people want to be – there is absolutely no reason why Tower cannot be a place of envy for others living in the state.  The environment up here is beautiful but the lack of jobs and things to do are hindering any growth potential in town.  Students don’t have many options for things to do, families are limited in entertainment and services, and community members often leave town to seek out essentials.  Dining options are limited.  How can we go about looking at the long term to change that?  I foresee a wonderful main street with activity going on, a teen center, lively music events, and available services where a family doesn’t have to leave town for essentials.

     I’m running for city council to help achieve these goals.  I would appreciate your support in November when election day comes.

                                                                 Thank you,
                                                                 Kevin Fitton